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Programmable Functions
Zoom Optics:  Continuously variable field angle in imaging range from 19° to 36°,

super zoom angles to 70° is    programmable over a timed range of 2 seconds to 20 minutes. Color Mixing System:  A fully cross-fading CYM color system.

All motors utilize a noise reducing, 50kHz. drive system that    quiets operation during movement and also while static.

Diffusion: Field or gobo can be continuously and smoothly diffused to wash.

Dimmer: A coated glass dimmer wheel provides full-field dimming designed for smooth timed fades.

Rotating Gobo Wheel:  Six position rotating gobo wheel with a central bearing system, five rotatable and indexable gobo    positions plus open.  (Patterns are not included with the fixture.)

Shutter (Framing Models): Four-blade system can frame and crop beam field and gobos. Each individual shutter is    capable of translating to beam center while also rotating ±35°. Entire shutter rotates ±45°.

Beam Size Control (Iris Models): In addition to the zoom optics, a mechanical iris provides continuous beam size control for    both rapid changes and smooth timed beam angle changes.

Pan and Tilt:  Smooth, timed continuous motion using three phase, ultra quiet stepper motors with encoder correction.

Pan range is 540°; tilt is 270°.

Resolution is 0.1°. Unit will calibrate to support close hangs (yoke-to-yoke).

Sources:  575 W Arc Lamp, Phillips MSR 575HR (or equivalent)

Color Temp: 6000K   CRI: 95 Output: >15,000 Lumens

Rated Life: 1,000 Hours

Optional Source:  575 W Arc Lamp, Phillips MSD 575HR (or equivalent)

Color Temp: 5900K   CRI: 75 Output: >14,000 Lumens

Rated Life: 2,000 Hours

Power Requirements:  3 to 9 Amps depending upon input voltage.  90 -264 VAC 50/60 Hz.

Reflector:  Precision glass reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating.

Operational Temperature: -20° to 122°F (-29° to 50°C)

Cooling:  Free convection cooling when hung.

Floor mounted units and extreme ambient temperatures activate a   low-noise, forced-air cooling system.

Control:  Completely compatible with a wide variety of DMX512 lighting control consoles.

Mounting Position:  VL1100 ERS luminaires can be mounted and operated in any orientation.

Spacing:  Full range of motion on 26.5″ centers.

Hangs as close as 20.0″.

Weight:  Luminaire: 70.0 lbs (32.0 kg) / Ballast: 16.6 lbs (7.52 kg).